Vote MARSH for US Senate in Michigan

November 5, 2024

Normal guy. Unconnected to billionaires or the C.I.A.

I'm a community journalist who drives a 2010 Subaru Outback. I made this website myself on a Sunday afternoon.  

What if normal people made the law? Normal people don't want all our hard-earned tax dollars spent running security for off-shored American business interests. But that's exactly what my opponents will do.

What are my priorities?


The United States of America should use all its economic and diplomatic leverage to effect permanent ceasefires in Gaza and Ukraine. The continued supply of weapons and funding for proxy wars, apartheid, and genocide is unconscionable.


Every United States citizen should have access to quality health services by default. The best way to ensure this is with a single-payer system. Many other countries, rich and poor, have accomplished this. State-run facilities provide quality services to any citizen, while private facilities also operate, usually with shorter waits in nicer rooms. It's not rocket science; we simply need leaders who cannot be bought by insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists.


Every United States citizen should have access to stable, affordable housing. Private equity companies should not own residential property. Rental rates should be tied to an area's prevailing wages and leases awarded on a basis of need. Short-term rentals in particular must be regulated in order to ensure that housing is available in our communities for the people who run our communities: cashiers, cleaners, cooks, teachers, mechanics, line workers, etc.


Michiganders need quality, longterm jobs rebuilding our bridges and roads, and developing green energy infrastructure for our children, instead of kowtowing to big oil. Governor Whitmer needs an ally in the Senate to STOP LINE 5 and the Line 5 tunnel.

Normal guy doing normal things.

Do you know where your elected leaders get their money?

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